Three join Collaborative Law Alliance team

A group that aims to help divorcing couples avoid an adversarial litigation process has taken on three new members.

Joining the Collaborative Law Alliance are Timothy Calveley, Robert King and Miriam Shaya-King.

The Collaborative Law Process was introduced to Bermuda in 2006 by Jacqueline MacLellan as a means to reduce the litigious climate between divorcing couples.

In this process, lawyers are trained to assist in minimising the hostility and conflict between the couple and to focus on ways of achieving an outcome that is suitable for the couple and their children. The couple control the process without going to court, and prioritise their children and their needs.

The aim is not only for resolution of all issues in an amicable way, but also to increase the likelihood of people maintaining a relationship after the divorce so that they can focus on parenting their children and moving on with their lives.

Mr Calveley joins the CLA as a financial professional and will be assisting clients who choose to divorce through the Collaborative Law Process with their finances, including preparing budgets, analysing financial information and preparing different financial scenarios post-divorce which might be available for the clients.

Mr and Mrs King will join Amanda Marshall and Lorrie Peniston as collaborative coaches and will be assisting people with their emotional needs, getting them ready for the collaborative process by working through realistic goals post-divorce and helping with any communication skills to lead to a well thought-out agreement.

In a statement, the CLA said: "This process is usually much cheaper than court, with all professional resources being focused on advancing resolution including the use of child specialists, collaborative coaches and financial specialists.

"Usually divorcing couples suitable for the process are able to reach an agreement within three or four meetings."

More information is available about the Collaborative Law Process and the Collaborative Law Alliance of Bermuda at